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  • Here's what our clients are saying about us:
  • "I can leave the office with full confidence that Carmel Solutions and TELEPRO will complete the job.  When it comes to billing, customer care, and collections, I don't know what I'd do without them." - Kevin McAllister, Owner of San Diego Wireless.
  • "Cash flow is critical for us.  We can count on Carmel Solutions to always keep us on top of the situation." - Kirk Jackson, President of Jackson and Blanc
  • "Carmel Solutions does it all for us and does it well. From handling our ATA inventory, to taking and shipping orders, to activating the service and supporting the end-user, all of our needs are handled. I can't say enough about the professional service we receive from them.." - Vincent Browne, President and CEO of Flint Telecom
  • "We looked at all the billing solutions out there, and without question Carmel Solutions and TELEPRO was the highest quality product with the best pricing in the market. We are very pleased with our choice." - Larry Lockard - President of All in One Communications

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